“Capturing the sensual beauty of your authentic realness!”


When sitting with me you will go through a self-empowering transformational process that I get to witness and capture.  You will feel the healing power of sexual empowerment.   Through the collaborative process, we get to dive into one’s true expression of self, we connect, laugh, sometimes cry, and most importantly, create a heart connection.  I lean toward the spectrum of sexuality, creating images in a safe consensual space were we explore the entire spectrum of desire, identity, sexuality, erotica and much more across cultural and world boundaries.”    – Sway


Sway is a photographer specializing in fashion erotica, sexuality, and sexual empowerment. She is a master of her craft and has been working in the industry for over decade empowering her models to be in their full power, beauty, and radiance. Sway creates an atmosphere of mutual collaboration, connection, and inspiration. Her skill goes beyond framing the perfect shot and playing with light, her gift is in capturing peoples essential beauty. She states, “My favorite moment as a photographer is a little hard to describe. The moment just hits me. You see a person begin shed their baggage and their pre-fabricated boundaries and their true essence shines through. I am privileged to be able to capture that.”

Sway has worked for high end corporations capturing industry standard products for marketing materials for companies such as J lab audio and in addition she is skilled at taking professional headshots for local and national organizations. She has photographed numerous weddings, families, and special events. Her skills are broad but her main passion and personal purpose is to capture authentic sensual beauty.

Sway has published a book called Queerography | Intimate Expressions of Queer Culture in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. The main purpose of this art composition is to connect queer culture across international borders. Queerography highlights Sways interest in non-binary intersections of gender, queer culture, and desire across cultural and world boundaries.

Sway is currently located in the front range of Boulder, Colorado and travels frequently for photographic work as well, shooting both nationally and Internationally.  


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Currently Located in the Frontrange of Boulder, CO

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-Personal Testimonial-

“Sway Sara Way is a skilled, professional, kind, and deeply talented photographer. She has a way of making you feel incredibly beautiful, open, and hot! When I first worked with her I had some hesitancy to fully explore my edges with erotic photography. By the grace of her gentleness, insistence on consent, and her incredible ability to attune and communicate, I was able to soften throughout the shoot. As I relaxed I was able to really connect to the essence of what I found to be sensual. The photos were incredible! When I received them I didn’t realize I could look so incredibly beautiful. That gorgeous woman looking back at me in those photos was me! I find Sway the perfect combination of direct, clear about what needs to be shifted in terms of minor adjustments like hair and costume, and she has an incredible way of framing and utilizing light. I highly recommend her work and truly believe everyone should have this gift- the right to gaze upon a photo of themselves and fall in love with who is staring back at them.”


-Jenna Noah, Founder Conscious Burlesque