Back to the Body | Mastery 

The Process Chiang Mai is a land of misty mountains and colourful hill tops, a playground for our imaginations. As we embark on a journey east, our bodies are asking us to express our fullest selves, welcome the journey we are taking and practice allowing. Sway is offering 3 different photographic experiences for Back to Body | Mastery Chiang Mai Offerings Yes to All of it! (Only 3 Spots Available) $1700 Embodied Portrait Session $700 3hrs includes 10 images Group Erotic Session $700 15 images Yes to All of it! (Only 3 Spots Available) $1700 A Back to the Body retreat is a moment in life where we say yes to me, yes to living my fullest life! BttB offers one experience after another, where your cup gets filled up. During such richness why not take advantage of the opportunity to relive the retreat long after it is over. The hugs, smiles, tears, and your growth. Allow your full retreat experience to be captured, from the moment you arrive, the contemplative moments one spends alone, to the time you are dropping in with a sister and of course the unforgettable excursions. Do to the amount of time and focus this package requires, I have only 3 spots available. Includes: Embodied portrait session 3hrs 12 edited images Group Erotic Experience or 15 edited images (Self Pleasuring) Full coverage of your retreat ALL the images I selected for you. Art Book Included Embodied Portrait Session $700 3hrs includes 10 images Many people have heard the term “boudoir” when referring to sensual photography. What I offer in my photography sessions, however, is a bit different from the norm. My passion lies in creating embodied portraiture, images that express your true sexual self however that takes shape for you. I invite you to be as evocative as you feel called to be. These photo shoots weave multiple steps into one cohesive and powerful experience. Together, we’ll create a safe container in which you can share who you are, what you’re imagining, and how you’re feeling. You’ll experience the empowerment of being witnessed in new and exciting ways, all the while having space to play and revel in your self expression. And after the last frame, you’ll have the lasting thrill of meeting your true erotic self. Arousal Session | Capturing the Erotic in you $700 includes 15 images Imagine being in a state of arousal, your pleasure is a vision to behold, and how incredible is it that life’s journey has brought you here. At the Mastery retreat in Chiang Mai, you have the oportunity to have your group erotic ritual photographed. It will be captured in a manner that has as much or as little engagement by the photographer that your heart desires. The resulting exquisite images will leave you breathless and memories that will always be with you. Back to the Body Mastery Memory Book $300 for a beautiful art photo book. To help you prepare for our time together, I’ve compiled a brief list of information about what you can expect from a customized sensual photo shoot with me. 1. The first step of our process is a consultation where we can connect, collaborate, and refine your vision for the shoot. Consultations can happen via phone, video chat, or in person; whichever is best for you. During this time we will also talk about logistics and details such as styling, HMU, locations, and answer all your questions. 2. The day of the shoot, please be sure to arrive on time. I usually recommend arriving a bit early to settle in and get comfortable with the location we’re photographing in. Your schedule will have 1 hr to get ready and leave us with 2hrs to work together, creating stunning and fun images. 3. Your Images will be sent to you in a private online gallery about 3 weeks after your shoot. You’ll be able to browse all of the images and select your favorites. As you review your images, you are invited to ask for any additional edits such as color adjustments, special crops, and other effects. 5. After you’ve selected your favorite images, please send me an email leting me know. I’ll send you the selected images for you to enjoy! You will receive a link to your final images with a Pin to download from your gallery. Additional images can be purchased and we can arrange for the photos to be presented as prints for an additional fee. Let’s create art together.