Back to the Body | Las Vegas 

The Process

Many people have heard the term “boudoir” when referring to sensual photography. What I offer in my photography sessions, however, is a bit different from that norm. My passion lies in creating embodied portraiture, images that express your true sexual self however that takes shape for you. These photo shoots weave multiple steps into one cohesive and powerful experience. Together, we’ll create a safe container in which you can share who you are, what you’re imagining, and how you’re feeling. You’ll experience the empowerment of being witnessed in new and exciting ways, all the while having space to play and revel in your self expression. And after the last frame, you’ll have the lasting thrill of meeting your true erotic self face to face in the final images.

Las Vegas is a dream location when it comes to glamour and everything over the top. The variety of backdrops are endless or we can simply shoot where we are staying. Let’s embrace and play with your erotic glam persona. Who are you when in Vegas? Who do you want to be? Let’s get together and make magic.

To help you prepare for our time together, I’ve compiled a brief list of information about what you can expect from a customized sensual photo shoot with me.

1. The first step of our process is a consultation where we can connect, collaborate, and refine your vision for the shoot. Consultations can happen via phone, video chat, or in person; whichever is best for you. During this time we will also talk about logistics and details such as styling, HMU, locations, and answer all your questions.

2. The day of the shoot, please be sure to arrive on time. I usually recommend arriving a bit early to settle in and get comfortable with the location we’re photographing in. This is also a great time for us to check in about any lingering questions or last minute inspiration. Plan to be fully present during our scheduled session so that we can make the most of our time.

3. 20-40 Images will be sent to you in a private online gallery about 3 weeks after your shoot. You’ll be able to browse all of the images and select your 5 favorites. As you review your images, you are invited to ask for any additional edits such as color adjustments, special crops, and other effects.

5. After you’ve selected your 5 favorite images, I’ll send you the selected images for you to enjoy! You will receive a link to your final images with a Pin to download from your gallery. Additional images can be purchased and we can arrange for the photos to be presented as prints for an additonal fee.

Let’s create art together.


Las Vegas and Fabulous
Erotic Galmour
70’s Pornstar
The Whore within
The Old Strip
The Conservatory and Botanical Gardens of Bellagio.


1 Costume Rental

Casino rules & regulations
While it’s technically not “illegal” to photograph in the casinos and on the grounds of the casinos it’s frowned upon and I have been asked on more than one occasion to leave the property. I normally just take a chance if our clients really want a specific casino location, but I try to sway people away from a casino setting if possible!

These boots were made for walking
Please bring some comfy shoes for walking and you will have time to slip on others in between sets.

Fees, permits & restrictions
State Parks, National Parks and many other venues in Las Vegas have fees or permits that need to be acquired. Please let us know ahead of time if you would like to photograph at any of these locations.
For Example
Sign Museum This location has $500 30min private shoot fee.