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May & June

$850 portrait session

The exquisite landscape of Europe is an idyllic location to explore your expression of self, celebrating your joy, your life, and your body.  

Together we create an exhilarating experience. From fantasy and play to movement and dance to lifestyle and portraits - let's make images you absolutely love! Images that speak to who you are and who you are becoming. 

Need a social media makeover or some self-love sexy pics? Wanna explore your edges and break free? See yourself in a new way? 


Photo Sessions include planning, wardrobe consultation,

a 90 min fully guided photoshoot, Ten (10) retouched images,

and a private online gallery

$850 Erotic Ritual

Only for Mastery

Capturing the full expression of your arousal

Imagine being in a state of arousal, your pleasure, and how incredible you look.  


At the Mastery retreat in France, you have the opportunity to have your group erotic ritual photographed. It will be captured in a manner that shows the artistic beauty of the erotic ritual that will leave you breathless and memories that will always be with you.

$850 art video

Do you see things differently? Avant Guard? 

Your expression of pleasure is worthy of commemoration.

Let's collaborate, exchange ideas, fuel your excitement, capture your magic, and create a stunning art video.


 Video sessions include planning, wardrobe consultation, art direction, and a 90-minute creative session.

Your art video will be 2-5 mins in length.

book your session

Book Now to confirm your spot and schedule a consultation.

you deserve a great experience

I will take care of you, and the production details, so you can

feel safe, excited, and fully present in the moment.

Together we'll plan your wardrobe, backdrop, and art direction. 

Your creative session will be fully-guided, energetic, and fun! 

Afterward - see yourself in a new way. Celebrate and rejoice

in your own strength, power, and beauty. Share your new

art with your Back to the Body sisters, your lovers, and your friends.


We'll help you make prints and small keepsakes to remember your joy. 

My Journey

I am passionate about capturing the sensuality, vulnerability, and authentic power of each individual through highly personalized photographic experiences. Allow me to create portraiture that evokes your erotic essence. Together, we’ll make soft and daring images that utilize, respect, and draw inspiration from nature. Whether we’re in the studio or out on an adventurous location shoot, your embodied presence will be complemented by your surroundings. My specialty is photographic compositions that are both environmentally reverent and attentive to your natural beauty.

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