“Capturing the sensual beauty of your authentic realness!”

It lights me up to capture the authentic realness of humans in a single moment. In a relaxed professional environment, we dive into your natural expression of self. We laugh, connect and most importantly create images that are exactly what you need. As a creative professional, we discuss what your needs are and a shoot is tailored specifically for you.

My personal passion work leans toward the spectrum of sexual empowerment, creating images exploring sexuality, kink, gender, and desire across cultural and world boundaries.


As I relaxed I was able to really connect to the essence of what I found to be sensual. The photos were incredible! When I received them I didn’t realize I could look so incredibly beautiful. That gorgeous woman looking back at me in those photos was me!
Jenna Noah


“Sway is an extremely talented photographer with great range of experience and expertise. She drove the commercial product and lifestyle photography for two of my brands, helping me grow to be an Inc 500 company. I can’t recommend her enough. She’s worth her weight in gold.”

Josh | Boulder, CO.


“Sway is a revolutionary artist. Her ability to hold a safe empowering space paired with technical skill and experience makes her the best in the industry that I personally have worked with in my 5 years of experience.”

David | Bell CA


“I have been lucky enough to work with Sway a few times. The level of professionalism that she encompasses shooting her art is hands down top notch. I have been naked in public and out in nature and never once felt gross or judged. Sway captures your soul and true self in her photos. She brings a joy and safeness into ever shoot. Being a business owner myself I walk a fine line of professionalism with my everyday life, Sway never once judged my boundaries or pushed me past my comfort zone. If you are lucky enough to work with Sway JUMP on the chance! You will never see your own beauty as she sees you. Thank you Sway for sharing your talent with the world. Keep doing what you do!”

Sen | Oakland


“Beautiful and talented. I have been lucky to have worked with her during her travels.  She can ease any model thus capturing a rare moment of beauty no regularly seen in daily life.  All humans are beautiful.”

Sophia | Hong Kong

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