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I am passionate about capturing the sensuality, vulnerability, and authentic power of each individual through highly personalized photographic experiences. Allow me to create portraiture that evokes your erotic essence. Together, we’ll make soft and daring images that utilize, respect, and draw inspiration from nature. Whether we’re in the studio or out on an adventurous location shoot, your embodied presence will be complemented by your surroundings. My specialty is photographic compositions that are both environmentally reverent and attentive to your natural beauty.

My Journey: About

My Why

20 yrs ago, I called my dad; I was scared, sad, and felt invisible.  My confidence was shattered.  That day my dad told me to travel, take action, get to know myself, find safety within me, and get to know the world.  GO SEE the WORLD.  As I embarked on my solo journey, backpacked through Europe only with my camera.  My sidekick, the Canon AE-1, captured the amazing sights I was seeing, but I also started to capture myself.  Balanced on a chair or park bench with the timer set.  There was a  moment before the shutter clicked, and I dropped into my body and became present.  As I started to take these original selfies and snapshots, I started to experience myself differently.  I slowly started to rebuild and regain the confidence I had lost.   The light in my eyes began to come back. Through each of these portraits, each moment, I took a step toward healing, taking up space, and embracing my light. 

I stopped feeling small, which birthed a mission to invite people to step into their light, and show their love, and the beautiful being that they are.  


Self Portraits are a healing process I continue to do.  

My Journey: Projects
My Journey: Pro Gallery
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